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If You’re Not Being Seen Online

You’re Leaving Money On the Table!


It’s Time to Get Your Online Presence Noticed

Generating More Views – Creating More Leads

Which Ends In More Sales!


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We’ve Got You Covered

From start to finish, we got you covered. Our media management consists of designing and then redesigning your posts to give you the maximum return (by leads) for your budget. Tracking your views build the analytics that will be displayed in a monthly report.

Media Management

We’ll manage your account to maximize new green leads. We do this by only focusing on the two largest platforms for gaining new green leads, Google and Facebook.

Google Business Platform

Why do we focus on Google

Google accounted for nearly 92 percent of the search engine market in Canada. Bing was ranked second with a 4.98 percent share.

Social Media

Why do we focus on Facebook

Facebook accounted for 59.37 percent of all social media site visits in Canada in 2021. Pinterest was ranked second with 17.88 percent.

Marketing Analytics

Both Facebook and Google platforms have excellent media and viewing tracking capabilities, this gives the Media Manager and designers more than enough data to adjust all or some of the campaign. 


Reports will consist of charts, graphs, and a written conclusion or suggestion for each general section. Reports will be presented or discussed on a monthly schedule. Campaigns can and will be adjusted.

Green Lead Marketing Will Show You How

It’s simple to get started, just download the 7-Step Plan, and you’re halfway there. Spend 20-30 filling out your plan, then we’ll discuss your plan for 15-20 minutes, sometimes longer, filling in the blanks or answering your questions.

– Yes, It’s That Simple!

My Guarantee to You

– of course, our ultimate goal is to sell you our basic package by the end of “discussing your plan” – just so we have that understanding.

As we are not high-pressure salespeople we will be offering you a system that “gains more views, which in turn creates more leads, which ends in more sales”

My GUARANTEE to you is that after going over your plan and by the end of our call if you can’t afford to sign up for our basic plan – I will send you a complete DIY (Do It Yourself) Marketing Plan PLUS I will send you all the learning material needed to impliment your own marketing plan. PLUS I will also offer you an extra BONUS that will be discussed at that time.

Hello and welcome to Green Lead Marketing!

I thought I would introduce myself and show you my picture as now you can picture the person you’ll be talking with when you book an appointment.

Our system will “gain more views, which in turn creates more leads, which ends in more sales” – we do this by optimizing your Google Business Platform (GBP)  page (formerly known as Google My Business), install and or correct your Local Citations, add Daily Posts to GBP, provide a solution to gain more Positive Google Reviews, and increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website.

My team and I will work our hardest to achieve your goals.

Chris Heil

Customer Service Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why does your business and services focus on Google and Google Business Profile?

   Google accounted for 90.63 % of the search engine market in Canada. Bing was ranked second with a 5.93 percent share. (November 2022) We focus our services on the top search engine in the world.

   Google analyses, rates, and shows your Google Business Profile to potential customers based on the acronym E.A.T. Expertise – Authority – Trustworthiness Our company can help increase your rating in these three fields when it comes to your Google Business Profile, Google Search Engine Platform, and your website.

   Of course, the Google algorithm looks at over 200 factors when rating businesses, but if you can increase your Online Business Profile rating with the EAT formula and your business is consistently using the Google Platform, Google Search will reward your business with a Local Map 3 Pack placement and more views.

Will your services be cost effective for my business?

   YES – as every business has a different client base and Googles analyses each business differently, we can only project final figures by averages. On average a new optimized business on google following our system will start to see more views after 2 weeks and will start to see a major increase after 1 month. As time goes on NEW views will become constant at which time views can be associated with leads (people contact you) and then the number of leads that turn into sales can be determined.

Using a dental office looking for new clients as an example, within the first month, may see an increase of views of 100% or maybe 200 new views. These new views may create 10% leads (or response rate, 10% of 200 = 20) which leads convert with a 20% close rate (sale, or an appointment being made) which turns out to be 4 new clients (20% of 20 = 4).

If the average dental client is worth $2,000 to a dental office, then 4 new clients per month would be $8,000. Your Return On Investment (ROI) would be $8000 / $500 x 100 = 1,600%

Our plans start as low as $400 / month.

Are our services right for your business?

Our agency services are designed for local SMB.

  1. Are you looking for more clients/sales?
  2. Are you a local small to medium size business?
  3. Are you willing to do a little work per week (1 hour) to strengthen your online profile?
  4. Do you agree that consistently using Google Platform will increase views, which in turn creates more leads, which will produce more clients or sales for your business?

If you answer “YES” to ALL 4 questions, then we should talk about how we can start to work together.

Will you sell your services to my competitor?

   If our business considers working with a local competitor of yours, that new client would have to meet two conditions. First, we give your business an exclusive area of a 10 km radius measured from your business location. And secondly, we would have to determine if there are enough clients (views) possible to sustain both businesses. If we start to work with a second business within your category that is more than 10 km away from your location and then the “views or leads decrease from our first client within the first three months”, we will stop promoting the second business.

What is the Map 3-Pack or Google 3-Pack?

The three top results of local business searches on Google are known as a Google 3-Pack. The 3-Pack (also known as the local pack) sits alongside a map that shows where each business is located, along with basic information about each business. The Three-Pack typically sits at the top of organic search results for local businesses wanting to be found locally.

Click the link below to see a pop-up with the location of the Map 3 Pack – this example is the results of Googling “dentist in St Thomas ON”. Please note the added statistics.

Pop-up link here.

Where does your business want to appear on a Google search?

What services does Green Lead Marketing provide?

     A FREE service we provide is an audit of your Google Business Profile, Facebook Business Page, and Website. These audits will show how the online part of your business is doing right and what needs improvement. If you decide to use our services, then our audits give you a great starting point to measure your successes.

Google Business Profile Optimization                     Increase Views

Facebook Business Page Optimization                   Increase Views

Website (WordPress) Optimization                          Increases Searches/Information/Views

Content Creation – Posts/Platform                          Creates Expertise / Views

Citation (back links) Optimization                            Creates Authority and Links / Views

Review Process Plan                                                   Creates Trustworthiness / Views

Email Marketing Plan                                                 Creates repeat customers

Reports on Google analytics                                     Is our report card on how well we are doing.

Ad Management / Platform

Ad analytics

Web Design and Hosting


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